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Have you ever avoided to take upon a task because you thought you wouldn’t be up to the challenge? Or have you ever felt threatened by a colleague raising on his or her career? During the Growth Mindset Training, you’ll learn to identify your thoughts and to achieve your goals.

Modern-day work can be quite challenging, requiring constantly learning new things quickly, and the ability to endure uncertainty. Growth Mindset training gives you the ability to visualize your way of thinking, giving you the tools to improve your leadership skills and self-knowledge.

Mindset constitutes of our beliefs about our ability and possibility to develop skills. Mindset also describes how we face adversity and efforts.

Elements of the Growth Mindset training:

  • Mindset Moments Flow -profile with 11 dimensions of your mindset
  • Individual coaching (by certified coaches at Ava-akatemia)
  • Group training (the structure will be tailored to your needs)
  • Mindset Growth training can also be attended completely online (web-based)

Growth Mindset training is for experts, leaders and managers, who wish to improve their thinking strategies, increase their self-awareness and bring out their highest mindset potential in order to enhance the process towards achieving their goals. Growth Mindset training can be used as an individual coaching tool or for groups.

Training details

We tailor the courses to suit your individual or company’s preferences and needs. Growth Mindset training is developed and realized in cooperation with the Mindset Academy.


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